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fun and novelty web page backgrounds- this is where you will find childrens web page backgrounds and also cartoon web page backgrounds, very colourful made with children in mind.

Cat web page backgrounds - web backgrounds made from works of artists such as knip, wain, and boulanger. Other made from vintage postcards and advertising.

Dog web page backgrounds - There are 200 breeds of dog web page backgrounds

animal and wildlife web page backgrounds - All sorts of animals from lions and tigers through to snakes, insects.

Bird web page backgrounds  - Bird lovers will find Tawny and Barn owls together with a falcon, kestrel and hawk. Also a hyacinth parrot, linnet and a pelican.

Horse lover web page backgrounds.

Peter Rabbit email web page backgrounds made from the original drawings by Beatrix Potter

flowers and plants web page backgrounds - a variety of flower and leaf backgrounds includes roses, herbs, poppies and orchids.

Baseball web page backgrounds.

Fishing web page backgrounds

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Awards Pages

A big thank you to everyone for these awards. Thank you for giving your time to access sites and giving us your views. These are much appreciated.

The people who give up their time to run award schemes offer an invaluable service to the web community. Without them giving us the benefit of their knowledge it would be much more difficult to learn and progress in this new medium. For myself each time I am getting ready to rework my pages I like to apply for awards, the advice gained I can then use to improve the site. Subject to, understanding and being able to implements their suggestions - html for instance is a minefield and one my head certainly refuses to bend around. :o)

When applying for an award I look first at the site made by the person offering the award. Some of these sites have superb design and content and are a shinning example to us all. Others offer something really unique or are very helpful and have lots of useful resources. Many I just plain liked the personality of the award giver as it came across on their site. These sites are all worthy of a visit.

These awards are placed in no particular order as I feel that they are all special, Rated or unrated, Gold or Merit. I value them all.

Search Party Graphics has retired its awards activities but I have left the pages up on line for those who are interested in participating in award schemes.

CM award.


Digital Dragoness Choice Award

Artsy Awards

Best of the Web Design Award
Resource Site Award

SpeedyAdverts Webmaster Award

Great Site Award
Beth's Award for Beauty
Vision Site Design Award of excellence
Creating Online Golden Award

Golden Web Page Awards

Chandras Award of Excellence

Alcazarenvilla Award


Vivid design award

The Golden Web Awards.
Super Andy's awards
American Association of Webmasters 2002-2003 Annual Web Awards.

Talented Webmaster Award

webthrower.com Bronze Award
webthrower.com Silver Award

Orchids Award

Bright-Byte Design Award.

Lynx Award

Lynx Awards

Gadzillion Award

Chat Shak award

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