Peter Rabbit

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Peter Rabbit
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Beatrix Potter's illustrations

As you can see from this web page background these Peter Rabbit email backgrounds are a nice size for small children to look at and the collection includes the legends used in the book written by Beatrix Potter.

There is also nothing better than a Peter Rabbit story to get in touch with the young ones in your life.

So go ahead write a special email to your grandchildren. Maybe tell them a little bit of the story each time you send them an email. Could be the start of a new trend 'Bedtime stories by Email'.

To help you do just that the text for the whole story is included with the backgrounds - all you need to do is cut and paste the section of the story you would like to send in the email.

This collection contains 25 Peter Rabbit email backgrounds. These background have been made for emails but will work just as well as web page backgrounds. No PDF converter is needed for implementing these backgrounds

email me if you have any question about these Beatrix Potter backgrounds
graphic showing Mrs Rabbit, three bunnies in red and Peter. graphic showing Benjamin, Flopsy and bunnies heading to Peter's garden shop.
graphic showing. Mr McGregor looking under the flowerpots for Peter graphic showing Peter looking for Parsley in the garden.
graphic showing three bunnies eating from a bowl. graphic showing Peter jumping into the watering can.
These samples are just a few of the pictures in the set which, comprises 25 backgrounds. If you would like to purchase them, the set is US$ 9.50 sent by email.

Graphics will be sent by email
upon receipt of instructions from PayPal
normally within 24-48 hours.

Please note, the Search Party logo does not appear on the collection. These graphics are optimized and quality reduced to save on bandwidth usage.
The web page backgrounds graphic on this page is an email backgrounds graphic from the collection and shows the size and quality of the email web page backgrounds.

These Email Web Page Backgrounds are optimized and supplied for personal use only.

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