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Have you considered having a background made from your logo? A great way to stylise your site.

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Blogs & freesites users
Hot-Linking graphics available for Blogs and other users who may need more bandwidth than their host provides.

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web page backgrounds made from works of artists

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web page backgrounds and wallpaper made from the bird drawing of Edward Lear

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Peter Rabbit email and web page backgrounds

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Cats In Art

Cat Web Background Graphics

Web Page Backgrounds Email Stationary & Borders

This collection has been withdrawn and is now only available for schools and other institutions - This page will remain up for those who wish to download the free graphics.

This link will take you to our new A - Z index of web page backgrounds
The Cats In Art collections contains 45 backgrounds which can be used for Desktop wallpaper, emails and web page backgrounds. A superb collection containing lot of different Types of cats including Louis Wains Catland cats and some Thiele dressed cats as well as breed specific backgrounds.
Most of these backgrounds and borders are made from the works of artists of the 19th century and early 20th century and others and not forgetting of course that most popular of artists dear old 'Anon'. Artists include Ronner Knip, Louis Wain and Authur Heyer. These borders and backgrounds are unique on the web or anywhere else for that matter. They would make a very unusual gift.
Downloads are free for personal and charity sites to use on their web pages. (Blogs, live journals and member sites are not personal websites) A link back to The Search Party is required on the page you use the background. Email me at if you have any question about these backgrounds

Blogs & freesites users
Hot-Linking graphics available for Blogs and other users who may need more bandwidth than their host provides.

Left click on tile to see full page background and download there.
Background tile graphics below are distorted to fit boxes.
Cats Backgrounds Free Downloads
To Download these 3 Web page backgrounds, please click on the sample graphics to see the full web page backgrounds and download there.
The SPG logo does not appear on the free download web page backgrounds on the pages.

Louis Wain's singing cats web page backgrounds

Don't forget you can change the size and colour of the text in your emails to match these web page backgrounds - You can check out how to do this in my Using backgrounds in Outlook Express tut. - Its very easy to do! I would recommend that you do take the time to learn to do so. It will give your emails that really special feel.

Cats In Art Collection
45 Web Page Backgrounds - E-mail Stationery - Desk-Top Wallpaper
and Web page backgrounds

Cats In Art optimized multi-purpose web page backgrounds.

Collection withdrawn from sale

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Web page backgrounds are sent by email
upon receipt of instructions from PayPal
normally within 24-48 hours.

This collection contains 45 web page backgrounds for
Email Stationery, Desk-Top Wallpaper
and Web page backgrounds.
22 left borders - 3 top borders - 15 seamless tile web page backgrounds
Samples below are all in the collection.

Ronner Knip's charming cats let loose in the artist's studio
Stern cat sitting by geranuium pot
Mother cat showing off her kitten with roses
Ronner Knip's musical cats learning to play the guitar
Louis Wain's cats dressed in dandy hats and trousers
Louis Wain's coquetish cat
Louis Wain's lady cat riding bike over brick
Arthur Heyer's two white persian cats checking out the health or otherwise of the goldfish in their bowl
Louis Wain's banjo cat
Black cat head on dark background
Wain's Gentleman Cat having an after dinner cigar
Wain's lady on her bicycle riding into a brick

Please read my terms and conditions page before downloading or using any of these web page backgrounds. This page also contains details for Commercial site and charities usage.
These backgrounds have been made from library disk cliparts, victorian prints and my own personal collection of prints.

Cat Web Page Backgrounds Page created by Vicky Flanagan
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Search Party Graphics created - 10th October 2002

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