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Thank you for taking the time to read this page. As you are probably aware there are very few sites which give away free quality graphics which, do not have advertisments, pop-ups and other forms of information gathering tactics from which they generate revenue. To avoid going down this very repugnant route I do need to make a small charge to trading companies. After all these sites are making money from the services offered. It is not reasonable to expect to be paid for your work - if you are not prepared to pay others for their work.
Below are the terms and conditions relating to use of images downloaded from the Search Party Graphic free download pages.

Personal Home Pages Educational & Charity Sites
For these sites use of images downloaded from the free download pages are totally free and I am happy to make small changes such as resizing the graphics or adding simple logos if required. There is no charge for doing this. Just email me and let me know what you need. Also if you are looking for something which is not on the page contact me and I will see if can help. A link back is required on the pages where the background is used. linking details below.

Please note that if you carry advertising on your site or sell goods you do not qualify as a Personal site/Educational/Charity - you are a trade site. The exceptions are donation buttons on charity sites and pay-per-click search engines.
Sites which require membership or are password protected are also Trading sites. I am flexible about this if you contact me, I will check out your site and in some instances I do waiver the costs where I feel it is pertinent to do so.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter Live Journals etc
These sites produce Phenomenal incomes for the site owners - usually corporate companies such as Murdock, Disney etc., I do not care how respectable the sites appear. These sites may not under any circumstances use Search Party Graphics free download graphics.
Anyone who thinks that they are getting a good deal on these so called free blog sites is not playing with a full deck of cards.

There is no point in having a free blog page if the site provider does not give you enough bandwidth to actually produce a sizeable page and visitor capacity. Hence the need to hot-link to other sites. - Be aware that when you hot-link to a graphic on this site you give me the means to put anything I wish onto your page. And guess what I do, I have a folder with some really nasty graphics which if you are unlucky enough I will put up on your page. And please do not email me telling me off for putting an anatomically correct drawing in place of the graphic you are linked to. Sometimes when you steal you get more than you bargained for. Like the lady linked to a Betty Boop graphic who found the male human genitalia substitution very offensive especially as she had children. As I emailed back to her - which is worse morally, seeing male genitalia or having a mother who is a thief. - enuff said?

Charities/Educational Trading On-line
For Charities and Educational sites which raise funds by trading on line - you will need to purchase a concessionary license to use these images. The fee is US$12.00. This will allow you to use any graphic displayed on the Free Download pages. And other free downloads on the site.

Linking details are below - Please do not link directly to the free download images on this site.
download to your hard disk and then upload to your server.

Search Party Graphics

Lots of unique backgrounds for Web Pages and Email stationary. A wide range of subjects including Animals, Birds, Fishing, Baseball, Flowers etc. Lovers of animal arts will enjoy this site.
All graphics are supplied as seen or of a higher standard than shown on these pages. Therefore there is no refund policy.

Graphics supplied without copyright cannot be changed or electronically manipulated. If changes are required please contact me and I will make the changes on the original full quality graphics and supply you with a copy as per the usage required. i.e. for Personal home pages and Charities this service is free. For trading sites a small charge will be made.

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