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C Capital Letter - Kate Greenaway



Caduceus - Heralds Staff

Cameron - Clan Tartan

Cairn Terrier

Calf Roping Western

Canaan dogs

Can Can Dancer

Canoe - Native American

Card Hands pontoon, flush, run, queens, jacks

Capone, Al - Gangster

Carnivorous plants

Carousel Horse

Castle - Fairy Tale

Cat - Abyssinian

Cat - Beware of Dog cartoon

Cats - Burmese

Cat - Maine Coon

Cat - Manx

Cat Maypole Soap

Cat & Mouse

Cat Talking to Mouse

Cat Walking (kitten)

Cat With Kittens

Cat - Louis Wain's Cat's Cradle

Cat - Louis Wain's - Patriotic Cats

Cat - Louis Wain's Twilight Cat


Caterpillar - Harpyia Vinula

Cellist Seated


Chaplin, Charlie

Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chickens & Poultry

Chimney Sweep


Children & Dogs

Chinese Bird in Maple

Chinese Crested Dogs

Chow Chow

Christmas - Nativity



Clapper Board

Climbers & Creeping Plants

Clouded Tigers

Clown - The Great Wieland

Clumber Spaniel

Cockburn - Clan Tartan

Cocker Spaniels

Coffee Beans in Bag

Coffee Grinder


Connecticut Coat of Arms

Copperfield, David


Cornish Rex Cat

Cowardly Lion - The Wizard of Oz

Cowboy - Frederic Remington

Cowboy in Rope Circle

Cowboy on Fence

Cowboy with Lasso

Cowboy Roundup

Cow sitting chewing the cud cartoon

Cow Puncher - Frederic Reamington

Cow Jumping Over Moon

Cow with Horns

Crane, Walter

Cricket - Olympic Pictogram

Crow - Aesop's Fables

Curlew, Esquimaux

Cup of Coffee

Currency - Mixed

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